Our handmade custom canvases use kiln treated finger jointed plantation pine, and our standard Double Primed 10oz cotton canvas.
We also offer Unprimed 14oz cotton canvas which works out at the same pricing, though we do not prime that for you so you’ll have to gesso/prime/undercoat the unprimed stuff yourself (some people prefer that especially painting with oils).

Here are a few standard sizes we regularly do and their prices for you, however if you need a specific size or an existing artwork stretched, give me the dimensions and we can put it in the spread sheet.

5SBar (33x44mm) or XLSBar (20x64mm)

53 x 53 – $ 50.75
85 x 65 – $ 70.55
85 x 85 – $ 80.60
100 x 85 – $ 90.30
100 x 100 – $ 98.75
120 x 100 – $ 109.50
120 x 120 – $ 121.75

There is a pricing change for canvases over 120x120cm where we have to use more cross bracing and the thicker stretcher bar (normal size is 33x44mm, larger canvas means more tension etc so we go for the 33x64mm

4SBar (33x64mm)

130×120 – $163.55
130×130 – $171.75
140×120 – $ 170.85
160×140 – $239.85
260×140 – $335.67

10 oz double primed cotton sold per square metre for $21 or $42 per lineal metre off the 2.1m roll

Currently in stock : Archival watercolour canvas 100% cotton 8 oz

We can obtain upon request 12oz unprimmed cotton

Artaholics is Western Australia’s leading independent picture framing group who understands what a difference a good frame can have when it comes to your artwork. We carry a huge range of picture frames and will go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what you want! Note: the price varies on the style, sample you choose and size of the job. If you wish to have a consultation, please contact us.



Easel hire perth fremantle

Handmade artist studio easels with a very sturdy design they’re great for in the studio! Perfect for anyone from a professional artist or student, to someone who just wants to dabble in painting.Made from hardwood with adjustable shelf and the back leg that folds in for easy storage.Choose from 1.4m tall or 1.8m tall with an open footprint of 70x60cm, these easels can comfortably take any canvas size up to about 1.2×1.2m.The shelf can be dropped right down to accommodate tall canvasses (up to around 1.5m) and can be raised right up to the top. We also have a number of easels available for hire for exhibitions or events