Our Artists

We install picture rails and curate artwork for your space. Let us know which artists work you're interested in live viewing for free in the Perth Metro Area.

Kiya Kalem

Kiya Kalem's work diverges into two paths, one of these leads to the ocean and the other to the forest. Born in Perth WA, Kalem grew up in a little beach town South of the River surrounded by scrub and shrubbery. Her botanical paintings are inspired by a fascination with plants and the unique beauty of each species. The works have a vibrancy and texture which bring new life to the classic subject of native flora. As the viewer, we are invited to engage on a number of levels. On one level they are beautiful representations of our native plants. On another level they speak of the paradox of the fragility and resilience of life, something profoundly important in this time of climate crisis. Kiya’s other artistic muse is the raw power and beauty of the ocean. From seascapes to delicately detailed wave studies, these scenes evoke the timeless ebb and flow of the vast seas with their ever changing moods.

Ben Sherar

Based in Perth, Western Australia and spent many years traveling around the outback looking at the great scenery this place has to offer, the most formative experience of which was living in the northern Kimberley town of Kununurra for a large part of his childhood which lead him towards his chosen career path. Entirely self taught, Ben’s work endeavours to capture his surroundings in a realist manner while still maintaining some painterly aspects to his pieces.

Now working form his home studio in Kardinya, Ben has lately been focused on honing his skills outdoors painting plein-air, Ben’s current output has diverged into two paths – one maintaining a strong focus on painting local Perth scenes, whilst dedicating night time studio hours working on large format cloudscapes which take many months to complete.