Framed Artist Canvas Sets

Present your artwork professionally and on quality archival materials with our lovely custom canvas and frame sets.

The canvasses themselves are 10oz cotton duck, stretched drum tight over 30mm deep stretcher bar.

Perfect for acrylics, oils or mixed media, double primed with titanium white acrylic primer (no zinc = no cracking !).


The standard box frame we offer is Tasmanian Oak but see our box frame page to see the variety of shades and timbers you can choose from.

Free delivery to Perth Metro on orders over $1000, free pickup from Kardinya (contact for times)

Standard sized Canvas & Frame sets pricing as follows:

90 x 90cm canvas (92.5 x 92.5cm Frame) - $215.00

90 x 70cm canvas (92.5 x 72.5cm Frame) - $185.00

86 x 71cm canvas (88.5 x 92.5cm Frame) - $183.00

60 x 60cm canvas (62.5 x 62.5cm Frame) - $140.00

50 x 40cm canvas (52.5 x 42.5cm Frame) - $111.00

40 x 40cm canvas (42.5 x 42.5cm Frame) - $90.00

30 x 30cm canvas (32.5 x 32.5cm Frame) - $77.50

Custom sizes made to order - message me for prices on whatever size canvas you'd like to work on!!